Signs of Reading Difficulties

What to do when learning to read is easier said than done.

Signs of Reading Difficulties

For some kids learning to read is quite the challenge. But since reading is so integral to a child’s education, it’s important that parents get help for a child who’s struggling.  Fortunately the signs that your child is having trouble deciphering those ABC’s are pretty obvious says Tracey Woods, author of See Johny Read. “You know if your child is having trouble reading when they really don’t want to do any reading.  This happens at some point to most people.  If your child doesn’t want to read, your task is to find a storybook or a comic book or some sort of reading that’s going to engage your child, even if it’s the sports page of the newspaper with Dad. Kids who can’t read are going to tell you they don’t want to when really that means ‘I can’t, but I can’t tell you that I can’t so I’ll say I don’t want to’, to save face.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Tracey Woods, author of See Johny Read.

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