Baby Health Radio Shows — 18 March 2013
Teething Facts

Does teething cause rashes and illness? 

Teething Myths

Beginning at around three or four months, until about two and a half years, a child is almost constantly teething. And while the eruption of teeth may cause some discomfort in children, pediatricians will tell you that’s all teething causes, explains Dr. Jeremy Friedman of pediatrician and co-editor of Caring for Kids. “If a child has a fever, a rash, or diarrhea we’ll often say that they’re teething.  But we’ve certainly seen a number of studies over the last few years where children have been watched over this main teething months for these symptoms, and they’ve clearly found that these symptoms exist as clearly when they’re teething as when they’re not teething, so it really is just more coincidental than cause and effect.” Dr. Freidman adds that if your child does have some teething discomfort you could use the recommended dosage of acetaminophen, but avoid the oral teething gels. They can be dangerous.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Jeremy Friedman Pediatrician and Author of Caring for Kids.

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