Toddlers & First Steps

Stepping up to the plate.  

Toddlers and First steps

Walking is a milestone that every parent relishes.  It’s also a milestone that occurs on different timetables for different kids, says Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of all Toddler Books. “When it comes to walking, parents are often surprised by how much variation there is in when a child might take those first steps. Some children are walking by age nine months, others not until age fifteen months.  It’s really important to find out if you think your child might be lagging a bit.  Check it out, get a second opinion, but don’t hit the panic button.  There’s no correlation between when a child takes his first steps and university scores twenty years down the road.” Ann adds that a baby’s temperament can influence when a child takes those first steps, with cautious kids a little more reticent to let go of the furniture, and out going kids often taking off a little sooner.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of all Toddler Books.

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