Bikes, Trikes and Safety

A few cycling safety tips for children who are too young to cycle!

Bikes, Trikes and Safety

Well now that spring is upon us, out come the bicycles. Of course, bike safety is important for all kids, including infants who are joining mom and dad on cycling trips, explains Pamela Fuselli, executive director of SafeKids Canada. “You want to make sure that they are old enough to keep their heads up and that their neck strength is built up enough that they can wear a helmet and that you are traveling with a device like a safety seat or a bike trailer that fits your bike properly and has been installed safely.” Pamela adds that children under one can rarely fit into helmets, so you’ll have to pass on brining them along for the time being. As for trike riding toddlers, they need helmets too and for good reason. “You do have to be concerned about the surface that they are on. If they’re on cement, even falling from that short of a distance onto cement can cause head injuries. So I would recommend for parents to account such as where are their children riding, are they right beside them? And do put a helmet on.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Pamella Fuselli, executive director of Safekids Canada.

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