Early School Radio Shows Safety — 16 April 2013
Clothing Labeling Danger

How to ensure that your child isn’t the target of a predator.

Clothing Labeling Danger

Adults who prey on innocent children, such as pedophiles, have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to gain a child’s trust.  One of the best tricks is calling a child by name.  But there are some very simple things we can do, and not do; to protect our children from this tactic says Samantha Wilson, author of Safe Kids, Safe Families. “One of the most dangerous things that we can do is to label our children’s belongings with their names somewhere where it’s visible to a bystander. Somebody who is going to try to take advantage of your child is going to try to convince them to trust them, and what better way than to do that then by calling a child by their name. If it’s written on their back pack or on their coat, or on their lunch pail, it’s really easy for a predator to walk up to your child, call them by their first name and trick them into thinking they’re not a stranger. Remember most kids are told ‘don’t talk to strangers’.”

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The Parent Report’s guest expert is Samantha Wilson, author of Safe Kids, Safe Families.

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