Early School Radio Shows Safety — 24 April 2013
Electro Pollution

How to reduce your family’s exposure to electro pollution. 

Electro Pollution

Over the past several years there have been concerns raised about electro-magnetic radiation. While there hasn’t been anything conclusive, there is growing concern over what Beth Lambert, author of A Compromised Generation refers to as electro pollution. “Electro pollution is kind of a new term that refers to excessive exposure to electro-magnetic radiation in our environment.  And the concern with electro-magnetic radiation is that it can disrupt systems in our body and can actually chronically stimulate our immune systems.” Until the effects of electro pollution are really known, Beth suggests reducing exposure. “The way to minimize it is to put limits on when we use our cell phones.  If you’re going to use your cellphone, use it on speaker phone. Limit your time in front of your computer if you can.  So we can’t get rid of electro magnetic radiation in our lives, but you can take small steps to try to minimize your exposure.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Beth Lambert, author of A Compromised Generation

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