Green Families

How to become a greener family one step at a time

Green Families

Surveys show that Canadians consider the environment and climate change to be their number one concern.  But worrying about the environment and actually doing something about it, can seem like a formidable task for many of us.  However, Adria Vasil, author of “Ecoholic” believes that changing our family’s habits to become a little greener doesn’t have to be daunting.” I think it restores our sense of hope when we feel like we’re taking just one step at a time, doing all that we can.  Even a small thing like changing a roll of toilet paper over from regular, 100% virgin boreal forest toilet paper that we normally use and switching that over to toilet paper with 100% recycled content, that alone if every Canadian family switched over, would save 48,000 trees.  It’s such a small act.  We think how can this possibly have an impact, but clearly it does if your just look at the impact on our forests.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Adria Vasil, author of Ecoholic.

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