Early School Nutrition Radio Shows — 25 April 2013
Green Lunches

Ideas on how to pack a green lunch for your child.

Green Lunches

At one time, school lunches created a mountain of garbage every single day.  Not so anymore. With a little thought and planning, packing your child’s lunch can be one more step in helping save our planet. Daina Kalnins, author of Better Food for Kids offers these tips on how to send your child to school with an earth friendly lunch. “The baggies are gone, Saran wrap is gone, even juice boxes are gone. Just have water in a stainless steel container and have small containers that the kids bring home with them so that there’s very little waste. Another recommendation is, in terms of cutlery, just buy some nice stainless steel cutlery from a dollar store or department store that’s gone on sale so that the kids don’t have to be eating from plastic and then find some colorful forks  and spoons.  Kids just love that and they can come back and be washed and they’’ll last a year or more.

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The Parent Report’s guest expert is Daina Kalnins, author of Better Food for Kids

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