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Nutrition During Pregnancy

Just how much food do pregnant moms need?

Nutrition During Pregnancy

We’ve all heard that old saying that when you’re pregnant, you’re eating for two.  While that may not be accurate, there is some truth to it.  Pregnancy is a time when the nutritional and caloric needs of moms increase a lot explains Dr. Paul Bernstein, co-author of Canada’s Pregnancy Care Book. “Moms need to eat more when they’re pregnant then they do when they’re not pregnant because they need increasing calories and increasing energy to grow the baby.  As far as nutrition and pregnancy is concerned, it has to be balanced so that you get food from all the food groups, you have to increase your calcium intake and your protein intake, and we would advice a weight gain of somewhere between 25 and 30 pounds during the pregnancy.  That’s basically undertaken by increasing the caloric intake by 25 to 50% depending on how much the patient is eating prior to the pregnancy.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Paul Bernstein, co-author of Canada’s Pregnancy Care Book.

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