Vegetarian Diets

 Hold the beef.  A look at children and vegetarian diets.

Vegetarian Diets

If your family, or even just one of your children is opting to become a vegetarian, you may feel a little confused and concerned about what makes a healthy vegetarian diet.  Jennifer Glossop, author of The Jumbo Vegetarian Cookbook elaborates. “When children decide to become vegetarians, their parents are often concerned about whether or not they’ll get enough protein, vitamins and minerals. One of the considerations is what kind of a vegetarian they decide to be and how much they want to limit their diet. If they continue to eat fish, as my daughter did, or eggs and dairy, it’s a bit less of a concern.  If they stop eating all of those things, then it’s a bit more of a concern.  So, it’s difficult to get a complete protein from plants, but you can get some of the proteins from one plant and some from another and together they make complete proteins”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Jennifer Glossop, author of The Jumbo Vegetarian Cookbook.

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