Food Allergies vs Intolerances

Does your child suffer from a food allergy?

Pets and Allergies

So you and your family are considering getting a pet, but because your child has allergies, you’re choosing very carefully.  Good call.  But what if you already have a pet and your child develops allergies?  Well, you may not have to find them another home.  Instead, Dr. Frank Adams, Author of The Asthma Source Book suggests starting with these precautions. “If the pet’s already there, then grooming and bathing is extremely important to clean off much of the animal dander and the materials that stick to the animals fur. This could be done weekly or every other week and there are materials that can be sprayed on the animal\s coat to reduce shedding into the air. You can also separate, as much as possible, the child from the animal at night, because at night in the bedroom there would be a continuous source of allergen inhaled and asthma can flare up at night, so some separation could make a difference.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Frank Adams, Author of The Asthma Source Book.

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