Homework and Parents

The right balance to helping our kids with homework and school projects.

Homework and Parents

As parents, we only want the best for our children’s education.  But sometimes we can go a little too far in helping out with things like their homework, particularly with children who may have experienced some difficulties in the classroom.  So, instead of getting overly involved with school projects, Richard Selznick, author of The Shut Down Learner suggests another approach. “I think having a parent close by to help the child break some tasks down, such as working on a project together without overdoing it can be very helpful. Sometimes putting things into visual terms more such as showing the child how to map out some ideas and breaking the task down can be supportive. But if a parent overdoes it, this is where kids will get their back up and say ‘Mom, leave me alone.  I want to do it my way.  You’re being a little too in-my-face over this.’  So it’s a real delicate balance.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Richard Selznick, author of The Shut Down Learner.

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