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Alcohol During Pregnancy

Why it’s imperative you pass on alcohol when pregnant.

Alcohol and Pregnancy

There was a time when women were told that having the occasional glass of wine during pregnancy was okay.  Not so anymore.  Now it’s know that alcohol is the one and only cause of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and it’s estimated to effect one out of one hundred people. Barbara Buxton, author of Damaged Angels elaborates. “Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is a constellation of symptoms that could be behavioral, learning or related to physical illness, and they’re all caused by pre-natal alcohol.  There’s no safe thresh hold of alcohol during pregnancy.  There’s been millions of dollars worth of research done at the University of Washington and other places, and they all indicate the same thing; any amount of alcohol in pregnancy is dangerous to the fetus.  It can cause attention deficits, it can cause aggression, it can cause learning problems, and it can also cause a host of other physical problems.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Barbara Buxton, author of Damaged Angels

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