Childbirth Pregnancy Radio Shows — 20 June 2013

The ideas behind creating a birth plan for your delivery.


Today a lot of obstetricians and midwives recommend writing up a birth plan describing the kind of labour and delivery you’d like to have.  It’s something that should be reviewed with your caregivers about a month before giving birth so you are both on the same page. Dr. Alan Greene, author of From First Kicks to First Steps elaborates.

“Before going into labour and delivery you have the opportunity to make a list of the things that you would most like in an ideal setting to happen.  Whether you would prefer to have one type of anesthesia or another, how you feel about a caesarian section, or all kinds of different things on the plan. It’s a real opportunity to think abut what this whole birth represents, and an opportunity to have a green birth plan; ways that you can decide what’s going to go on your baby’s skin and how they’re going to be washed and how they’re going to be handled.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Alan Greene, author of From First Kicks to First Steps.

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