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Mature Moms

Is pregnancy safe for moms over 35?

Mature Moms

Today, about half of all mothers who give birth are over 30.  That’s more than double the number from just three decades ago. The good news is, age seems to have little impact on pregnancy and newborn health even when a mom is 35 plus says obstetrician at Dr. Paul Bernstein, co-author of Canada’s Pregnancy Care Book. “The patient who’s 35 years or older are fairly common now and when they looked at pregnancies of moms who were over 35 there was higher risk for some congenital abnormalities such as Down’s Syndrome, although if the patient is healthy and 35 or over, it is the only issue and these patients do extremely well.  There may be a little more chronic medical issues in the older women, but if they’re healthy and you’ve tested for the genetic issues, then these moms do extremely well.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Paul Bernstein, co-author of Canada’s Pregnancy Care Book.

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