Health Pregnancy Radio Shows — 24 June 2013
Pregnancy Testing

What you need to consider before testing your babies health in Utero.

Pregnancy Testing

Blood testing, ultrasounds, amniocentesis and Chorionic villas sampling are some of the many ways to test the genetic health and makeup of a baby in utero.  But tests can bring good and bad news, and that’s something parents need to be aware of says Dr. Paul Bernstein, co-author of Canada’s Pregnancy Care Book.

“I always tell the patients ‘I don’t know what the answer is going to be until we do the test. If I knew the test was going to be normal, I wouldn’t have to do it.’  So it’s possible that at some point we’re going to do a test on somebody who is totally not expecting that there is going to be an issue and we come up with a problem that we have to sit down and discuss it.”Parents need to weigh whether or not they are comfortable with the results testing may bring. “There are some patients, for lots of reasons, who are not interested in the testing and don’t want to deal with those potential crossroads, and there are others who are very interested in having the testing and want to deal with them quite upfront and directly.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Paul Bernstein, co-author of Canada’s Pregnancy Care Book.

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