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The important role fathers have in their children’s education, coming up next on The Parent Report.

Dad’s and Kids Education

There’s a lot of research that shows children who have dads who care and get involved with their education do better in school. But when a child is having a tough time in school and even failing courses and tests, sometimes the best thing a father can do to help is to lighten up. Richard Selznick, author of The Shutdown Learner says having a little fun one-on-one time with Dad can do a child a lot of good.

“I think Dads can often play a role in doing non-academic activities such as building something together, a project, helping around the house, going for a hike, anything like that that can be a little bit more encouraging and supportive that doesn’t involve the confrontation of school and yelling and all of that.  So if you can change the atmosphere a bit with your child, I think that they would find that really helpful.”

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