Early School Radio Shows Safety — 04 July 2013
Cycling Safety Tips for Children

 How to keep your children safe when out riding their bicycles

Cycling Safety Tips for Children

Cycling is a great activity for children. Hopping on a bike can be a lot of fun and kids get a real sense of independence by getting around on their own two wheels.  But getting kids road ready takes a lot of training explains Pamela Fuselli, Executive Director of Safe Kids Canada. “The key to training around cycling is that it has to be over time, and it has to be according to the child\s developmental stage.  So there isn’t a one time, go to a bike rodeo or bike training for a couple of hours to be trained, and then you’re fine to go on the road. So it’s a progression.  Wearing a helmet is a must and parents can be a great role model. “One of the best things parents can do is to get our and ride with their children and wear a helmet themselves. One of the things that is key is that they role model correct safety behaviors. If parents wear helmets, then their children are more likely to wear helmets.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Pamela Fuselli, Executive Director of Safe Kids Canada.

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