Heatstroke Symptoms

What to do if you suspect your child is suffering from heatstroke.

Heatstroke Symptoms

Those hazy days of summer can pose hazards such as heat stroke. While it’s important to keep children well hydrated, and cool by wearing light clothing it’s also important to recognize the symptoms of heatstroke says Dr. Bruce Minnes, ER Physician at the Hospital for Sick Children. “An older child may complain of unusual fatigue, thirst or cramps or feeling sick to their stomach or headachey. But a younger child may not be able to verbalize these, so such children may be unusually listless and lethargic and irritable.”

Here’s what to do if you suspect your child has heatstroke. “For children that are having very mild symptoms you want to make sure they’re taking out of the hot environment into somewhere where there’s some shade or some cool, that they’re given some cool things to drink. For a child who has more persistent symptoms, or they’re having an altered level of consciousness or they’re vomiting, or fainting, or can’t keep things down, then those children should be seen in an emergency department”

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The Parent Report’s expert guest is Dr. Bruce Minnes, a staff physician for emergency medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children.

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