Summer Activities

A few how-to directions when it comes to playing with our kids.

Summer Activities

The last thing most parents want to see is their child vegging out on the couch all summer, watching TV or playing video games. But if you think you need a big budget to get out and enjoy summer with your kids, think again. Fitness consultant, Judy Notay says there are lots of close-at-home activities to keep kids active. “To make sure your child is active in the summer, I think the key is to make sure there is some variety. Summer camps are a great thing to do, because the students get to try many different things. As well, there are weekend trips locally. You don’t have to go very far to be active.  Try to think about taking easy fast trips locally to where you can go for a hike, or a nature park, planning a special event where you’re all going to go for a bike ride, making sure that you’re fitting it in and involving the children and you in the decision making, so that you have a really, really fun time doing it.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Fitness consultant, Judy Notay.

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