Health Radio Shows — 13 August 2013
Creating Healthy Diets

How to get our kids to eat the right stuff from day one.

Good Eating Habits

With all the news about the increase in childhood obesity and its related health problems like diabetes and heart disease, getting our kids to eat the right stuff is vital. The number one way to ensuring your children have good food habits is by being a good role model, explains Dr. Laura Donaldson-Bradley, co-author of “The Baby’s Table”. “Babies and young children mimic adults so if you set a really good example and make sure that you’re eating a whole food diet and avoiding the junk food, that’s a great impact to have on your child who will become an adult and have to make the same choices. Also I think we need to be more responsible to what we’re exposing children to.  For example soda pop machines in schools, potato chips machines, aren’t suitable for schools. It’s all about funding and where the money comes from and I think if we can all be more proactive, we’re doing our children a great favor.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Laura Donaldson-Bradley, co-author of “The Baby’s Table”.

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