Early School Family Life Radio Shows — 08 August 2013
Discipline and Divorce

How to set the rules when kids live in two homes.  Divorce and discipline.

Discipline and Divorce

One of the challenges of divorce is raising children in two different households with two different sets of rules.  Remaining consistent with discipline can seem like a challenge.  But according to Nicolas Long, co-author of Parenting the Strong-Willed Child it’s not necessarily as difficult as it might appear at first glance. “When the rules are different within a family following divorce, children will adjust but it takes a while.  We talk about re-entry problems such as after a child comes back from being with the other parent, it may take a short period of time for that child to get used to the rules in the other parent’s home. But over time, these re-entry problems should diminish and eventually the child will learn that there are certain things they can get away with in one home and not the other. Children will learn just how far they can push one parent verses the other parent so it’s important for parents to be consistent in the way they deal with their child from day to day.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Nicolas Long, co-author of Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

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