Early School Radio Shows — 16 August 2013
Hunger Cues

Why do we want our children to tune into their hunger cues?

Hunger Cues

Obesity children have risen by more than 20% in the last decade, with one in four children considered overweight.  While exercise is an important part of curbing this trend, so is teaching our children to recognize their hunger cues explains nutritionist Carol Tickner.

There are two kinds of hunger, a hunger for nutrients and a hunger for calories.  With the hunger for calories we feel irritable, or light headed, or grumpy or growls in our stomach.  But hunger for nutrients is more vague than that.  You can have your stomach full and be satisfied calorie wise, but your body will get craving for nutrients that you’ve missed throughout the day.  I’ve seen a common scenario of people coming home, feeling satisfied, not hungry, but feeling like they need something and looking through the cupboards and wondering what it is.  My experience has been that it’s most often protein.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is nutritionist Carole Tickner.

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