Early School Radio Shows — 30 August 2013
Moving to a New School

Tips for helping ease the transition to a new school for your child

Moving to a New School

Whether it’s across town or across the country, moving to a new school can be a traumatic experience. That’s because for children, school isn’t just about education, it’s about friendship and socialization.  And that’s where kids can have a few problems explains educational psychologist, Joan Martin.

“Your child is more likely to experience social rejection during the first months of moving into a new school, to experience bullying.  Your child is moving into an already existing power hierarchy and having to find their place there.  So depending on your child and their social skills your child may do well, but other children may not have the social skills to negotiate that well and may experience bullying and social rejection.  This can lead to problems with depression.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is educational psychologist Joan Martin.

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