Nutrition and Immune System

The role nutrition plays in keeping our children’s immune system healthy.

Nutrition and Immune System

While it’s common for children to come down with a half a dozen or more colds a year, there are things we can do that may reduce that number.  Dr. Kenneth Bock, co-author of The Germ Survival Guide says the foods our children eat or don’t eat play a big role in reducing illness, and that nutrition’s role in keeping the immune system strong is two fold. “One is, we want to avoid those things that can be harmful to the immune system, things like sugar which impair the ability of white cells to fight bacteria and viruses, and bad fats like trans-fatty acids in fried foods.  And then we want to take those things which empower or bolster up the immune system, things like vitamin C and vitamin A in the form of cod liver oil which also has the good Omega 3 fatty acids.  So there are many, many things that can be helpful on a daily basis as well as things that you can take with exposure to the illness to either prevent the illness or make it a much less severe illness”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Kenneth Bock, co-author of The Germ Survival Guide.

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