Separation Anxiety

When baby balks at everyone from gramma to strangers. 

Separation Anxiety

At about 8 months, babies begin to really distinguish between strangers and mom and dad.  This can make things like daycare a real challenge.  But with a little planning separation anxiety can be eased explains Cynthia Last, author of Help for Worried Kids. “Start with small separations and then gradually increase them to longer separations. By gradually increasing separation, the child will become more and more comfortable with it.”It’s normal for children to feel separation anxiety until they’re  about 2 and a half. Still we need to handle it carefully. “A parent can play into separation anxiety by over-reacting to the child’s distress. Now this is a sensitive point – nobody wants to see their child crying and screaming and the natural tendency would be to comfort the child. But by ending the separation and comforting the child, what you end up doing is reinforcing that behavior and making the problem worse.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Cynthia Last, author of Help for Worried Kids.

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