Early School Radio Shows — 22 August 2013
Sibling Rivalry

A few tips on how to cope with your kid’s sibling rivalry.

Sibling Rivalry

Is it possible to have siblings live under the same roof and not have any rivalry?  Well, likely, the answer is “no”.  While as parents we’d love to have our children get along beautifully 24/7, the reality is that probably won’t happen.  So unless your kids are coming to blows, the best thing to do is to back off says Mick Nichols, author of Stop Arguing with Your Kids. “Parents can feed into sibling rivalry by pretending that everything has to be 100% fair between siblings.  This creates a sense of entitlement and a kind of false notion that everything has to be perfectly fair. And parents prolong sibling rivalry by stepping in and acting as referees. Siblings will never learn to get along with each other or to get along with other people as long as their parents keep interfering with their quarrels and telling them what to do.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Mick Nichols, author of Stop Arguing with Your Kids.

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