Early School Radio Shows — 20 August 2013

How to cope with a child who whines and whines.


If there is one behavior that can wear most parents down, it’s whining.  Whining is most prevalent during the toddler years  when children easily become overwhelmed with what they can’t yet do.  In fact, it’s because they’re not too good at expressing themselves in the first place and that leads to whining says Mike Nichols, Author of Stop Arguing with Your Kids. “Children whine because they’re not very articulate and verbal, and parents are very aware of children whining, but the scolding and lecturing that parents do is the other half of an argument.  The child whines, the parents scolds; then you have an argument. You can break that cycle if the child whines, by listening, helping them put their feelings into words and drawing them out. It’s not so much the listening that’s the main point, it’s inviting the child to express himself or herself. It’ll stop the argument in its tracks.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Mike Nichols, Author of Stop Arguing with Your Kids.

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