Internet Use

Our kids and the world of cyberspace.

Internet Use

For most of us, sending a text or an email is our most common form of communication.  It’s the same for our kids.  Their smart phones and computers are their connection to their world, says explains Samantha Wilson, author of “Safe Kids, Safe Families”. “Children us the internet for many different things.  Teenagers use it to play games, enter contests, chat with their friends, meet new friends on line.   They use the internet as a way to communicate with their friends rather going out and hanging out down on the street.” But Samantha adds that it’s still important for parents to be vigilant to keep kids safe online. “Parents need to pay much closer attention to what their kids are doing on line.  We have focused for many years on kids out in the neighborhood, in the parks that we are able to supervise with our eyes.  Now kids are playing n cyberspace.  Parents need to pay close attention and learn what their kids are doing on line, or they’re not going to be able to keep them safe.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Samantha Wilson, author of “Safe Kids, Safe Families”.

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