Development Development Radio Shows — 23 September 2013
Babies and TV

How screen time hurts infants developing minds.

Babies and TV

It’s getting more and more difficult to prevent children from engaging in screen time.  After all those little tablets, with their touch screens can be lifesavers for busy parents.  But screen time for children under two years of age is not recommended by most pediatric groups, specifically when to comes to babies and toddlers, and for good reason explains Sue Lin, author of “Consuming Kids”. “The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of two, be kept away from screens as much as you possibly can. What the research is suggesting is that the more young children watch television, the more problems they’re going to have as older children. TV viewing is linked to obesity, it’s linked to ADD, it’s linked to bullying, it’s linked to poor school performance, it’s linked to children doing less well on certain intelligence tests.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sue Lin, author of “Consuming Kids”.

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