Family Life Parents Radio Shows — 13 September 2013

The family that works together plays together.


Having our children help around the house is a big part of being in a family.  But if your  kids and spouse balk at helping out, you may be wise to stand back and simply says ‘thanks’ when they do their part.  Susan Callahan, co-author of Mothers Need Time Outs Too explains. “It’s a great tip to just delegate and appreciate, and one of the ways is to make your kids make their own beds and try not to stand behind them to see if they put all the stuffed animals in the right spot.  Let them do it their way. Let your husband unload the dishwasher and try not to peak over his shoulder to make sure he’s loading the cups exactly as you did. And show gratitude that people are helping.  It makes for a wonderful family connection.” Susan adds that kids have a lot to gain by helping out. “We’re letting our kids take responsibility for themselves, be a part of the family, take ownership, and really plug into the greater goals of the family.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Susan Callahan, co-author of Mothers Need Time Outs Too.

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