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Making Time for Kids

The one thing kids want from parents more than anything else.

Making Time for Kids

For most families, days are filled with work, school, homework, after-school lessons and more. And with a schedule like that, finding time to simply sit and talk can be difficult. But it’s the one thing our children want and need above all else – time with us, says Adam Cox, author of Boys of Few Words. “Making time simply means that there has to be time to relate to each other.  If families are always on the go and never have time to chit-chat about the more routine things that happen over the course of a day, then communication becomes very sparse and it feels as though people only connect with each other for the most important types of purposes.  So making time to raise our kids is one of the most important ways we express our love for them. They are our greatest masterpieces, and we certainly should be giving them the time that they need to blossom.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Adam Cox, author of Boys of Few Words.

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