Early School Radio Shows — 25 September 2013
Media Violence

The effect of media violence on kids.

Media Violence

From video games to movies to TV, children are exposed to a great deal of media violence.  The question is, does this exposure to violence affect children?   Well, after the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics reviewed 1000 studies from a 30 year period, the answer is a ‘yes’.  Sue Lin, author of “Consuming Kids” elaborates. “We know that media violence has an impact on children’s behaviors and on their attitude towards violence.  Exposure to media violence can make kids less sympathetic to victims.  The more media violence that you are exposed to the more inured you become to it.  What happens is you need more and more and more of it to get that adrenaline flowing.  We know that media violence can have an impact on children’s aggressive behavior.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sue Lin, author of “Consuming Kids.”

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