Early School Radio Shows — 20 September 2013
Nagging Teens

Why nagging your teen doesn’t change their behavior.

Nagging Teens

As our children get older, guiding, setting limits and disciplining them requires a different approach from when they were younger.  No longer is a time out effective.  Instead, we need to try negotiating things like curfews and homework with our teens and adolescents. And what doesn’t work is nagging ,as Mike Nicole, author of “Stop Arguing with Your Kids” explains. “The most common mistake that parents make is trying to control things that their children do that they don’t need to control. Controlling things that don’t have any effect on the child, that don’t cross into the parents’ territory.  When parents nit-pick their teenagers over little things, it just makes the children feel alienated. They may argue, they may “yes” their parents, but whatever the outcome, they feel disrespected, they feel put down and they become antagonistic.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Mike Nicole, author of “Stop Arguing with Your Kids.”

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