Early School Radio Shows — 18 September 2013
Role Modeling

Why what you do is your child’s best teacher.

Role Modeling

So you want your children to be punctual.  Or polite.  Or manage their time well.  These are all behaviours and skills that will serve our children in good stead – but they’re also hard to teach.  In fact the best way our children learn all those things we wish them to, is by role modeling.   By showing our kids that we walk the talk, we’re teaching them good behavior in the best possible way says Richard Guare, author of “Smart but Scattered”. I think role modeling is absolutely critical for kids.  It’s really evident as a parent that your children copy many of the things that you do.  Children get to see parents role model skills in real life situations.  We believe that’s one of the best ways that they’ll learn.  Certainly from the behavioral literature, we’re aware of the fact that if you see someone who you respect model a particular behavior and successfully solve a problem, you’re much more likely to adopt that particular behavior and to try to copy it.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Richard Guare, author of “Smart but Scattered”.

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