Early School Health Radio Shows — 09 October 2013
Daycare Food

Why good day cares provide more than a fun and safe environment.

Daycare Food

When you’re a working parent with young children, daycare takes on a whole new meaning. It’s why spending several hours checking out how the providers interact with children is highly recommended.  It’s also wise to take a look at what they’re feeding children says Daina Kalnins, author of Better Food For Kids. “I think it’s essential that parents take a look at the menu and give it a once over and just see where the food is coming from. Is it prepared on site or are they ordering it out? Also, what are the snacks like?   How much juice is served? I think it’s important if you’re trying to teach them to eat well, there’s nothing worse than if you have your child at a daycare setting where they aren’t following the same principals as you are.” And eating should be a social experience. “In the daycare settings what’s nice is that you have children eating together and I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to start socializing around food and hopefully set them up for school.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Daina Kalnins, author of Better Food For Kids.

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