Family Life Parents Radio Shows — 11 October 2013
End of the Workday

A few tips on how to handle the end of workday madness.

End of the Work Day

The end of the workday can be a trying time for families.  Most everyone has been away at work or daycare or school.   Everyone is tired and hungry, yet it seems all your children want is a little piece of you, and that’s just what you should give them for a few moments before starting dinner or other chores says Cathy Puett Miller, author of Anytime Reading Readiness. “Stress is a part of everyday life for most families and here’s a tip I always encourage parents to do.  When you first come home in the evening, everybody is running in, coming home from their different locations. Stop, set the kitchen timer on the stove and take three minutes where you just sit down and hug one another, and maybe share a short story or talk about your day.  The rest of the evening will go much better because that child will have had the very thing he needs; a little bit of your undivided attention.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Cathy Puett Miller, author of Anytime Reading Readiness.

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