Early School Parents Radio Shows Safety — 22 October 2013
Food Allergies

What every parent needs to know about food allergies.

Food Allergies

It’s estimated that one in fifty children suffer from a peanut allergy. Food allergies including ones to peanuts can trigger an allergic response that include skin rashes, gastrointestinal upset and respiratory distress, which is why it’s vital that we take food allergies seriously says Dr. Diane Sacks, author of Caring for Your Child From Birth to Age Five. “Keeping peanuts out of schools, using epiPens and getting parents and young children even to know how to use their epiPens, and to always carry one with them is the best protection we have from serious consequences of food allergies that may have very, very serious symptoms.”  Dr. Sacks recommends postponing the introduction of  certain foods to young children. “We certainly do not introduce peanuts and sometimes fish and other highly allergic foods into children diets until they’re certainly two years old or more.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Diane Sacks, author of Caring for Your Child From Birth to Age Five.

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