Baby Health Radio Shows — 02 October 2013
Hearing Loss in Infants

The connection between hearing and learning to speak.

Signs of Hearing Loss

As there’s a big connection between hearing and language development, knowing the signs of hearing impairment is important. Infants who are hearing impaired might not startle at a loud noise, nor turn towards out-of-sight sounds. Even how a baby plays with a toy can be a sign of hearing impairment explains Chief Audiologist with The Canadian Hearing Society, Rex Banks. “We know that infants who are hard of hearing will use rattles and shake them a little louder than their counterparts that don’t have hearing loss. Also if you have an infant who has stopped babbling a little earlier or is not using single word utterances by twelve months of age, this might be an indicator that they are having some hearing loss as well.” And while toys like rattles are important, they have drawbacks. “Rattles are an important part of childhood development and helping to stimulate and coordinate mobility. We know that sometimes they can be up to 110 decibels, along with some squeaky toys, so they can be of concern.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Chief Audiologist with The Canadian Hearing Society, Rex Banks.

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