Baby Development Radio Shows — 01 October 2013
Language Development

How parents can play a big role in the development of their child’s language.

Language Development

Just when a child will utter his or her first word is hard to say. Most experts agree that first words come somewhere between 10 and 15 months. But understanding words comes even earlier and we can help that along by speaking to our babies a lot says Cathy Puett-Miller, author of Anytime Reading Readiness. “From the day you bring your child home from the hospital, they are learning and the main thing is for parents to think about is those opportunities when you can talk to them about their world, when you can tell them what you’re doing.  For example, when you’re changing their diaper, when you’re feeding them, when you’re going to the store and shopping.  Every time we use language with our children, every time we talk with them we are building their vocabulary and the number of words they know and understand. And we’re also giving them experiences with how our language is put together and how it works, because if we can do that in oral language, it works the same in written language.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Cathy Puett-Miller, author of Anytime Reading Readiness.

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