Development Early School Radio Shows — 09 October 2013
Latchey Children

 A look at finding after school childcare solutions for the older kid.

Latchkey Pros & Cons

As working parents, after school childcare can be difficult to find, and expensive. An option for some families is having their child or 11 or so, spend a couple of hours home alone as a latchkey kid, which can have it’s up and downs says Michael Thompson, Author of Homesick and Happy. “I think being a latchkey kid is a mixed bag, but if it’s a necessity for a family, what you say to your child is ‘I really respect and appreciate that you do this. This family couldn’t run without you taking on this responsibility’.” Having a child spend time home alone is sometimes the only viable solution.” I think most parents would prefer not to have a latchkey kid, so they’re usually stuck in an economic situation where it’s the only viable course.  But I do think that adults who have been latchkey kids often say, ‘I looked after my younger brother or sister and I became more responsible because I was a latchkey kid.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Michael Thompson, Author of Homesick and Happy.

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