Early School Health Radio Shows — 23 October 2013
Salt in Diets

How much salt in a child’s diet is too much?

Salt in Diets

Lately we’re hearing a lot about the fact that there is too much salt in our diets, with children averaging between 2000 and 3000 milligrams of salt a day (about twice of their daily requirement).  And while fast food meals can be the culprit, so can our foods at home says Daine Kalnins, co-author of Better Food for Kids. “If you look at some of the condiments and some of the things you use, especially if it’s Oriental cooking that is used like Hoisin sauce or Soya Sauce, are incredibly high in sodium and even if you’re using a tablespoon or two tablespoons in the food and then adding it on after it’s prepared, it’s incredibly high.” One solution  is teaching kids how to read food labels so they learn how much salt is too much. “Have them look at a box of cereal for example, look at the serving size and compare what food has a higher sodium content of a similar food and help them make the choices there.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Daine Kalnins, co-author of Better Food for Kids.

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