Early School Radio Shows — 13 November 2013
Acting Out in School

Why some children act out and misbehave in school.

Acting Out in School

Have you been told that your child is a troublemaker in the classroom?  It’s tempting to immediately punish such behavior, but it might do more good to start with asking “why”. The more we understand why children act out, the better chance we have of getting to the root of the problem. Sara Dimmerman, author of Character is Key, elaborates. “I think it’s really important at that time to look at what else is going on, such as, is the child being bullied at school, is he having a difficult time academically, is he struggling in class, is there something going on at home?  I don’t believe that children go out of their way to be disrespectful or that it’s their inherent nature.  I think that either something is really troubling them that’s causing them to act out or they may not have developed the skills because the appropriate skills may not have been modeled to them. So they may need some help in that regard, and the family may need some help too.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sara Dimmerman, author of Character is Key.

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