Early School Family Life Radio Shows — 26 November 2013
Family Mealtime

The benefits of sitting down to a family meal with your children.

Family Mealtime

Did you know that families who eat together have children who are 60% less likely to get involved with drugs or alcohol?  Plus these kids eat healthier and have a sense of stability. Diane Neumark-Stzainer, author of I’m Like So Fat offers a few ideas on what to do and not do so that family mealtime serves up more than just great food. “One of them is not utilizing that time as a time to tell your children all the things you really want to tell them because they’re sitting there. Avoid topics that are likely to lead to conflict, whether they are topics regarding chores, regarding schoolwork, or whether there are topics regarding eating.  If you have a child who you think is over-weight, try to avoid making comments about what they’re eating at the dinner table.  If you have a child you think isn’t eating enough, also don’t make it a point of discussion at the table. Talk about it after dinner.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Diane Neumark-Stzainer, author of I’m Like So Fat.

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