Early School Radio Shows — 15 November 2013
Finding a Tutor

 How to find a tutor who fits your child’s needs.

Finding a Tutor

If your child is struggling with a subject at school, finding a tutor can make the difference between passing and failing, or between mediocre marks and good marks. Finding the right tutor for your child is important but once you do, you should see a change in your child’s school performance explains Richard Selznick, author of The Shut Down Learner. “The relationship that develops in tutoring, which is usually one-on-one is enormously helpful, it’s motivating and can really encourage a child to stay with it. I think you also need to ask the tutor what are their credentials relative to what you’re targeting.  So I think you have to start with asking, ‘what am I working on? Am I working on comprehension?  Am I working on vocabulary? Or am I working on decoding?’  Then talk to that person who you’ve been referred to make sure they seem to know what they’re talking about.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Richard Selznick, author of The Shut Down Learner.

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