Holiday Visits

Why those holiday season visits can pose safety hazards.

Holiday Safety

Whether visiting Gramma and Grampa, or attending a party at a friend’s, parents need to be extra vigilant to keep kids safe over the holidays. Dr. Bruce Minnes, Emergency Room Physician at the  Hospital for Sick Children, elaborates.”One of the times when kids may be at more risk is during times when the routine is disrupted, such as when we’re visiting or visitors are coming over during the holiday-times, and in particular or when we’re traveling. So I think the very first thing parents need to be aware of is, because this is an at-risk time, they may need to become vigilant in a different way; make sure those purses and bags may be put up on a shelf, out of the reach of children.”If children ingest something like medication from Gramma’s purse, they’ll need extensive testing to ensure there’s no harm done.”Sometimes it’s hard to know how much did the child actually take how much was spilt out of the bottle, how much was really in the bottle to begin with. And so, then a child may be subjected to all kinds of procedures painful tests, blood tests, X-Rays or other sorts of things.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Bruce Minnes, Emergency Room Physician at the  Hospital for Sick Children. Any advice or information contained herein should never be a substitute for professional and/or medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. For more information please review Terms of Service.


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