Baby Health Radio Shows — 04 November 2013
Appearance of Newborns

The surprising appearance of newborn babies.

First Appearance

It can be a little shocking to meet your newborn for the first time, only to find that they aren’t always picture perfect.  They may be a little cone-headed from coming through the birth canal, or covered in a cheesy white substance called vernix.  And there’s more says Dr. Diane Sachs, editor of Caring for Your Child From Birth to Age 5. “A newborn baby looks wet, often shrivelled, they’re often a little squished; some of them who have needed assistance getting out will have some lumps and bumps that will quickly disappear and will become the beautiful newborn it is within a few days.” And right after birth a babies get their first test call the apgar score. “An apgar score is a measurement doctors use to evaluate how healthy a baby is, how strong a cry, what the colour is, the movement of the baby, how fast the baby is breathing. If it’s very low, we have to attend and watch that baby closely.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Diane Sachs, editor of Caring for Your Child From Birth to Age 5.

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