Early School Family Life Radio Shows — 25 November 2013
Sharing Chores

A few ideas on how to find quality time with kids and get chores done.

Sharing Chores

It’s so difficult to find time to get everything done in a day, from work outside the home, to time with kids and time for chores.  But Dr. Harley Rotbart, pediatrician and author of No Regrets Parenting  believes there are ways to be with our kids and get chores done without a lot of juggling and sacrifice. “We can’t find more hours in the day, so we should try to spend more hours in the day where we’re already doing things, with our kids. It’s something I call ‘holding the flashlight’ so that if you’re doing anything around the house, your kids should not be on Facebook and should not be on video games and should not be behind a closed door in the room. They should be holding the flashlight. So changing the filter in the furnace, or changing the oil in the car, or preparing dinner, or cleaning up after dinner, or doing the laundry are ‘holding the flashlight’ experiences. Involve your kids in those activities. You’re spending that time doing it anyway. This can now become quality time with kids.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. David Posen, author of The Little Book of Stress Relief.

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