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Teens Need for Family

The vital role family still plays in a teen’s life.

Teens Need for Family

Ever get the feeling that your teenaged son or daughter is mortified to be seen in public with you? Well, I hate to break the news to you, but they are.  But don’t take this to heart, because when it comes right down to it, parents are still the most important persons in a teenager’s life explains Arthur Robin, co-author of Your Defiant Teen. “When parents think that teenagers don’t need them anymore, sometimes it’s that parents are having exaggerated beliefs or thoughts. We need to help them not think in the extremes and to over-generalize from one moment such as when a teenager doesn’t want to be seen with them walking down the street which happens a lot at age thirteen, fourteen, or fifteen.  Parents should not assume from that that their teenagers don’t need them.  Instead, try to understand that it’s inevitable that teenagers are going to become more independent and that parents have to be there to help them in different ways than before.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Arthur Robin, Co-author of Your Defiant Teen.

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