Early School Family Life Radio Shows — 01 November 2013
Discipline with Praise

How a little praise can go a long way when guiding our kids.

Discipline with Praise

Often we think discipline requires us to point our what our kids are doing wrong.  But praising our children is also a very big part of discipline – in fact most would argue it’s even more important.  But in order for praise to be meaningful, it needs to be specific rather than indiscriminate says Dr. Jim Taylor author of “Positive Pushing”. “Praise is essential for raising successful and happy children, but it’s how parents praise their children that’s important.  The most common kind of praise I hear from their kids is “way to go”, “nice job”, but that’s way to general. Praise should focus on believes, attitudes and skills that children need to develop to become successful and happy later in life.  So a child comes homes with an “A” on the test you should say “you got a good grade because you worked really hard” or “you’re really focused on doing good” so that it identifies the qualities that parents want their children to develop.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Jim Taylor author of “Positive Pushing”.

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